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It's official, Vianet is expanding our Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) network in Carling Township.

This expansion, in collaboration with both the Federal and Provincial government, is another step towards Vianet’s commitment to providing high-speed and reliable internet access to more residents in rural areas.

Vianet first brought Fibre internet to Carling in the fall of 2020. By leveraging our existing fibre network in Parry Sound and implementing a wireless microwave link, Vianet was able to innovatively deliver fibre to approximately 250 homes in Carling quickly and efficiently.

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 allowing more residents in Carling Township to enjoy the advantages of fibre-optic internet connectivity. Fibre is known for its fast and stable connections, making it a game-changer for residents and businesses that may have previously faced challenges with slow or unreliable internet services. By extending the FTTH network to an additional 100 homes, Vianet is helping to bridge the digital divide and improve the quality of life for residents in Carling Township.

This initiative showcases Vianet's dedication to investing in advanced network infrastructure, establishing partnerships, and ensuring that even rural communities can benefit from modern digital services and applications.

Learn more about the work we have done in Carling Township on our project page:

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Carling Fibre Expansion
Carling Fibre Expansion
Carling Fibre Expansion
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