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We’ve heard some misinformation about Vianet’s ownership, and we just wanted to set the record straight. Vianet is, and always has been, a proudly independent, full-service internet provider headquartered in Northern Ontario, providing services to communities across the province. We remain dedicated to delivering high-quality internet, television and phone services with exceptional customer support.

Vianet Delivers An Experience You Can Trust:

  • Independent and Full-Service: With a comprehensive suite of services including internet, television, telephone and business solutions, Vianet offers a seamless experience for all your connectivity needs.
  • Building a Stronger Connection: Vianet is dedicated to network innovation and expansion. We invest in building fibre-optic infrastructure and offer fixed wireless solutions to reach those beyond the fibre-optic reach. As well, we have third-party relationships for last mile solutions to ensure customers can choose Vianet as their ISP and be offered the best technology available to them.
  • Going the Extra Mile for Communities: Vianet actively collaborates with governments, municipalities, and local residents in both urban and rural communities to ensure everyone has access to the best internet solutions possible, even if it means venturing beyond our own existing network.
  • Rooted in Community: Vianet is a strong community partner. We support local food banks and charities, host information sessions for residents, create local jobs, and are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each community we serve.
  • Your Regional Service Provider: With our main office in Sudbury and 8 additional office locations across the province, Vianet offers comprehensive and accessible services. We even have multiple hardware depot locations for your convenience.
  • Approachable and Friendly: Vianet prioritizes customer satisfaction. We offer strong customer support, transparent pricing, and a commitment to understanding your needs.

We are committed to providing reliable internet, television, and phone services you can count on. Vianet brings a wealth of experience to the table with over 30 years of trusted service.

At Vianet our focus remains on delivering quality services, and knowledgeable support with fair pricing. Being transparent, providing open communication and the opportunity to earn your business are important to us. We value our customers and appreciate that they can continue to choose Vianet. If you have any questions, we are always here to listen.

Learn more about Vianet’s rich history of innovation and growth on our About Page.

Beautiful building of the Vianet company.
Beautiful building of the Vianet company.
Beautiful building of the Vianet company.
Beautiful building of the Vianet company.
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