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Fibre Optic Internet
  • Speeds Up To 10Gbps+
  • Built and Operated by Vianet
  • Best Technology: Scalable, Reliable, Secure
  • Small Business or Enterprise Bandwidth
  • Asymmetrical or Symmetrical Connection
  • Static IP, VLAN's, SLA's Available
Fixed Wireless Internet
  • Speeds Up To 1Gbps+ where available
  • Built And Operated By Vianet
  • Supported By Fibre Backbone
  • Small Business or Enterprise Bandwidth
  • Asymmetrical or Symmetrical Connection
  • Static IP, VLAN's Available
  • Business Phone Packages
  • Virtual Voice Hosted PBX
  • Hardware & Devices
  • Calling Features: IVR, Ring Groups & Queues, Extensions, Voicemail And More
  • Diverse News, Sports & Weather Selection
  • Hardware Or App Based Access
  • Essential Or Premium Starter Plans
  • Add-On Specialty Channel Packages
  • Optional Service Add-Ons
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To Keep Your Business Connected
Improve The Way You Work With Leading-Edge Connectivity Products And Services For Your Business. We Will Partner With You To Tailor An Internet Solution You Can Rely On.
When Our Network Doesn't Reach You, We Can Provide Vianet Internet Through One Of Our Multiple Partner-Carriers To Deliver Service For The Last Mile
A Business Network Like No Other
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This Is Not Your Average One-Size Fits All Solution

Our Business Specialists create solid and ongoing relationships to develop custom solutions with products that cater to your unique needs and scale as you grow.

Our Network Can Reach Farther & Deliver More Than You Think

We specialize in building connections for underserved areas and hard-to-reach locations. Across Ontario, our redundant fibre optic and fixed wireless networks, in coordination with last-mile solutions, deliver connectivity you can count on.

Enjoy A Refreshing Experience With Your Telco

Vianet offers agility and responsiveness to quickly adapt to your changing business needs, backed by industry-leading innovation to deliver power and reliability. This is the alternative to the big telcos you have been looking for.

Unique Solutions To Keep Our Clients Ahead Of The Competition
Learn More About How Our Custom Network Solutions Helped These Businesses
Holland Marsh Wineries
Fibre-Optic Business Plan

Norie has been waiting for years for quality fibre optic internet to help support his business with more opportunities and not become stagnant. He needed a reliable connection to help support every aspect of his business operation with the technology to keep growing.

"Being a business where we now do have that reliability with fibre internet, there's obviously a lot of opportunity to grow now."
911 Construction
Fibre-Optic Business Plan

Paul needed an internet service and business products that would grow with his scaling business to keep up with his growing in-house employees, project management, downloading drawings and large project files.

"People don't realize how much you need a service like internet, until you don't have it available"
Horodynsky Farms
Fibre-Optic Business Plan & Private Network

Boris runs one of the largest onion operations in Canada and needed a reliable internet service to keep up with modern farming practices and packaging operation.

"When your scrolling through one page to the next, it's just like BOOM! It's like lightning, when we used to sit there and wait for the page to come up."
Inventure Engineering & Machinery
Fibre-Optic Business Plan

Located in a well-established industrial area, this engineering and machinery shop depended heavily on communication in and out with customers. As well, needed to work with large CAD files.

"When Vianet came along and said we have this available to you, WOW! Hallelujah! Let's do this."
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