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Billing Policy

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All pricing is subject to the addition of applicable taxes.

Upon enrollment, a payment for the following fees is required:

  • A fee equivalent to one full month of service.
  • A non-refundable order processing or network connection fee which will vary.

The first month of service will be pro-rated from the activation date of service to the last day of the month. This may result in a partial use of the initial payment, which can leave a credit on the account. The credit will then be applied to the following full calendar month, and the remainder of the month's service fee billed on the corresponding statement.

All subsequent months are billed as full calendar months to cover service from the first to the last day of the current month.

To ensure timely application of tax exemption status, customers are encouraged to provide any relevant tax exemption documentation upon enrollment.


Automatic credit card and bank withdrawals are processed on the 10th of every month unless a different, pre-existing arrangement exists.

A $30 service charge will be levied for returned payments regardless of cause, including but not limited to:

  • NSF
  • Closed bank account
  • Frozen funds
  • Stopped/Recalled Payments
  • Credit Card or Debit Visa Chargebacks

Returned payments and the associated service charges may be reflected on your account balance up to 10 business days after payment withdrawal.

Suspected fraudulent activity of any nature is considered to be grounds for immediate termination of services without notice at our sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, misrepresentation of identity, the use of stolen or unauthorized funds or the report of misinformation during the payment recall/chargeback process.

Any questions regarding how initial payments, partial pro-rated amounts, or monthly billing works, should be directed to Customer Service at 1-800-788-0363.

Additional Fees

There are various additional fees that an account holder may be subject to:

  • No Access Fees: In the event that a scheduled install is missed and requires rescheduling, a no access fee will be applied.
  • Service Call Fees: A fee may be levied to cover the costs associated with sending a technician out on a service call not covered by initial install or for standard support. This may include additional cabling work not covered by a typical install or service call, or defective customer premises equipment.
  • Domain Expiry Fees: A domain may be subject to additional fees if it is renewed 40 days or more beyond its expiration date.

Payment Options

Subject to some restrictions, payment options include:

  • Automatic bank withdrawal
  • Automatic credit card debit (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)
  • MyAccount (Visa, Visa Debit, and Mastercard)
  • PC / internet, ATM or Telephone banking
  • By mail to any Vianet office as listed on our website

Banking or credit card information changes must be received a minimum of 5 business days prior to the current withdrawal date.

Payments made through Online or Telephone banking may take up to 5 business days to be reflected on your account.

Customers wishing to make changes to their existing payment information, or wishing to inquire about other methods of payment, should contact Vianet at 1-800-788-0363.


Statements are sent by mail or email within the 1st week of each month and cover:

  • Service from the first to the last day of the current month and all related charges.
  • Any billing activity, including payments, charges, and adjustments, back-dated from the 2nd of the previous month to the 1st of the current month.

It is important to review monthly statements and verify that all information is correct. If an email address or contact information has changed, please immediately contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-788-0363 to update the account.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure we have up to date information to ensure accuracy for statement delivery. As we cannot ensure timely delivery of mailed statements, we cannot guarantee you will receive it prior to your preauthorized payment date. It is recommended that you enroll in emailed statements. You may also access statements through the MyAccount portal.

Statements are dated the 1st of the month. The due date for the balance owing is the 10th of the month.

Accounts in Arrears

Account balances are due on the 10th of the month. Customers will be notified by email before month’s end if their account has not been paid by the due date.

If payment has not been received by the 1st of the following month, the account will be suspended until payment has been made. At this point, the account has not been cancelled . Charges will still be applied to the account. Once full payment has been made, the account will be reactivated. A $10 fee may apply to reactivate the account.

If the full balance on an account in arrears is paid through the MyAccount portal, which includes the current month fees, the account will be reactivated automatically and the $10 reactivation fee will be waived.

If the account in arrears is not paid, the account will be subject to a discretionary cancellation. Please refer to cancellation policy below.

Plan Changes

Regular plan changes, which include upgrades and changes of service, are processed as requested throughout the month. Upon completion of a plan change, a notification will be provided by email or phone call, which includes:

  • Confirmation of changes completed.
  • Updated account balance.

Downgrades & seasonal changes will take effect on the last day of the current billing month and will be reflected on the next monthly statement.

Plan changes can be requested by contacting Customer Service by phone at 1-800-788-0363 or through our website. (See: Account Inquiries)


While we endeavor to ensure installation of services in a timely manner, various circumstances out of our control may cause delays, including but not limited to:

  • Weather
  • Third Party Availability
  • Site Access

Additionally, when installing service in a rental unit, installers may require a landlord authorization form be filled out to allow for completion of cabling, which may require drilling into walls.

Changes of Address

Changes of address are subject to fees, the cost of which varies from service to service.

Change of address requests require a minimum notice of 10 business days. This will ensure minimal disruption of internet service.

For more information or to advise us of address changes, please contact Customer Service by phone at 1-800-788-0363 or through our website. ( See: Account Inquiries)

Seasonal Account Suspensions

All seasonal suspensions will take effect on the first day of a billing cycle. Please contact Vianet 2 months in advance to ensure the account is adjusted accordingly. Certain restrictions apply. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-788-0363 for details.

Seasonal suspensions are available for a minimum of 2 months, to a maximum of 6 months, at which time regular billing resumes. Service must then remain active for (at minimum) a length of time equal to the most recent seasonal suspension period. Depending on third party policies, seasonal suspensions may or may not be available, and seasonal rates may vary for this service.

If seasonal account suspension is terminated prior to completion of the 2 month minimum, charges will be back-dated to reflect full service from the start of the seasonal suspension.

An email only service is also available for a fee of $5.00 per month plus applicable tax.

Cancelling an Account

Requested cancellations may be submitted for as early as the next day. Customers are responsible for all outstanding fees and charges incurred. Services on a contract may be subject to removal fees or early termination fees. Please review your contract for more details.

Rental or supplied hardware must be returned in full working condition and free of damage. (See: Hardware for more information on hardware and related fees as they apply to cancellations.)

A final bill will be sent.

Cancellations of one or more services that result in a credit adjustment/reversal will remain as such on an open active account and be applied against the current balance owing.

Cancellations of all services and therefore the entire account that result in a credit balance will only be refunded 30 days after the requested cancellation date. This is conditional on the return of all rental and supplied hardware (including accessories) per the conditions above. Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-788-0363 for more information or to make arrangements.

Accounts with unreturned rental and supplied hardware or with unpaid balances will be sent to collections. Accounts sent to collections will be charged associated collection agency fees.


Customers may be supplied, rented, or sold hardware from Vianet.

  • Rental Hardware: This is typically hardware that customers pay a monthly fee to rent.
  • Supplied Hardware: This is hardware that is provided to customers as part of the cost of their service and is required to use the service.
  • Sold Hardware: This is hardware that a customer purchases from Vianet. More commonly associated with small business or enterprise level accounts.

Rental and supplied hardware must be returned undamaged and with all accessories (e.g. power supplies, cables, filters, remotes, etc) to Vianet within 60 days of a cancellation, when a service or plan change requires new hardware, or when hardware needs to be replaced as part of the troubleshooting process.

Failure to comply will result in the value of unreturned or damaged hardware being charged to your account within the next billing cycle following cancellation, change, or upgrade. This charge is considered non-refundable 60 days after being issued.

Rental and supplied hardware should be shipped to or dropped off at any staffed Vianet office or authorized hardware depot. Customers are responsible for any fees associated with the shipment of returned hardware. Please contact Vianet at 1-800-788-0363 for information regarding the shipping processes associated with returning rental and supplied equipment.

For a complete list of rental and supplied hardware to be returned, please refer to any hardware release forms you were supplied with, or view a complete list by logging into MyAccount and navigating to Services > Hardware Summary.

Sold hardware does not need to be returned.

Account Inquiries

Any questions or concerns about the billing of an account may be directed to Customer Service at 1-800-788-0363.

Customer service can also be reached by visiting our website Our online contact form is available by clicking the “By email” link in our website footer, or by navigating to our Contact page and selecting “Contact form” under the “By Email” heading.

Both methods open a popup, within which you would select the “Customer Service” department option. This automates the process of sending an email to our customer service department.

Credit Requests

If you have experienced a significant service interruption and have taken appropriate steps to resolve the issue with our Technical Support Department, you may be eligible for compensation in the form of a credit applied to your account.

All credits requests undergo a thorough review to investigate the cause of the service interruption and all steps taken to resolve it. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a credit.

To inquire about eligibility, you may do so through our MyAccount portal. Alternatively, instructions on how to initiate this process can be emailed to you at your request by calling into our Customer Service department at 1-800-788-0363.

Account Takeovers

The primary account holder must advise Vianet of a change in ownership or account takeover, either in person or by calling in to Customer Service at 1-800-788-0363.

The following fees are the responsibility of the new primary account holder and are dependent on the type of services active on the account at the time of ownership transfer:

  • Starting at $25.00 for transfers or takeovers that DO NOT involve fixed wireless services
  • Starting at $75.00 for transfers or takeovers that DO involve fixed wireless service.

If an active contract exists on an account, responsibility of the contract will be transferred to the new primary account holder. A new contract will need to be signed for the ownership transfer or takeover to take effect.

Rental and supplied hardware will also need to be signed for by the new primary account holder.

In cases where an account is terminated due to a breach of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or any other policies, we reserve the right to prohibit an account takeover.

Account Ownership & Authorization

The individual listed as the primary account holder will be considered the primary authorized user of an account. This gives that individual the authority to be able to make or request changes to an account’s billing information, services, and other related information.

Responsibility for their Vianet account, including but not limited to payments, any balance owing, as well as rental and supplied hardware, falls to the primary listed individual.

Changes or change requests made by individuals other than the primary account holder are expressly prohibited unless those individuals are explicitly listed as an authorized user of that account, with the appropriate permissions specified.

To add individuals to this list, the primary account holder must call in to Customer Service at 1-800-788-0363.

Residential Service Contract

Some residential services will be subject to a Residential Service Contract, referred to as “agreement” below. Please note that this information may be updated occasionally.

Term of Service
The Term of Service refers to the number of months from the first date of active service that the agreement is valid for. This will be outlined in your individual agreement and is typically 12, 24 or 36 months.

At The End of Your Term of Service
Unless this agreement is terminated by you or Vianet, it will continue at the current market price for your services on a month-to-month basis upon the expiry of the agreed upon term (typically 12, 24 or 36 months.)

Allocation of Services
The services in the agreement are for use by the customer only. Customers shall not resell, share, or otherwise provide others access to the services.

Start Date and Expiry Date
This agreement is considered active upon signing and return to Vianet. However, the terms of service, which determine the length of this agreement, will coincide with the start of your monthly billing. From that point, you will be charged monthly at the agreed upon rate, for the number of months specified in your individual agreement.

One-Time Charges
Should you initiate cancellation of the service prior to activation, you will be responsible for 100% of the Network Connection Fee or Installation Charge and payment will be due within 30 days. A $75 Order Processing Fee may be applicable.

Early Cancellation
The customer may terminate their service agreement in whole or in part prior to the expiry of the agreed upon terms. Customers must provide 30 days prior notice and are subject to the payment of early termination charges set out below.

  1. Upon providing notice, customers may be responsible for the sum of their remaining monthly charges up to the end of their term. Any applicable installation or one-time charges will also be billed at this time.
  2. The customer will either provide access to a Vianet representative to pick up any Vianet owned hardware or will return said hardware by mail or drop off at a local Vianet office. Should the customer not provide reasonable access to Vianet or fail to return Vianet property, Vianet reserves the right to charge the customer the replacement value of said hardware.
  3. Vianet reserves the right to terminate this service with 30 days prior written notice if any of the Terms and Conditions described in the service agreement are not met by the customer.

Should the Customer fail to pay for the services outlined in their service agreement within thirty (30) days of being due and payable, Vianet reserves the right to suspend or terminate those services. Upon termination, the Customer shall be responsible for the total of all amounts due to the end of the service agreement term.

Demarcation Point
Vianet will determine the point of entry, otherwise known as demarcation, within the Customer’s premises with the help of the customer. The customer is responsible for connecting to this point of demarcation. Any construction or facilities beyond demarcation required to use the service is the responsibility of the customer. The customer will provide a proper location and power for the placement of Vianet hardware. The customer will provide Vianet reasonable access to Vianet-owned hardware when required.

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