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Standard Email Settings
Incoming Email Server (POP3 or IMAP)
Outgoing Email
WebmailVianet Webmail
SMTP Authentication Settings
Outgoing Mail
The above settings will also permit users of a Compu-SOLVE email address to connect.
Alternate settings may continue to work but are considered deprecated.
Email FAQ's
Is SMTP authentication required?
SMTP authentication is not required unless you are using an ISP not associated with Vianet.
What is the size of standard mailboxes?
Email accounts have a 1 GB quota.
How do I forward my email to another account?
Login to mailtools to setup forwarding.
How do I activate my spam filter?
Login to mailtools to manage your spam filter settings.
How do I change my username/password?
Contact Vianet technical support at 1-800-788-0363.
What is the maximum size of an email message?
Up to 100 MB. This includes the content of the message, attachments and any overhead created by the attachments.
I am receiving an error 550 message when sending email. How do I fix that?
Enable SMTP authentication in your email client or contact your current ISP to obtain their outgoing mail server information.
I am receiving a Vianet spam error message when sending email. How do I fix that?
Enable SMTP authentication in your email client.
I received an attachment and I can't open it. How do I fix that?

The file may have been renamed by the email account attachment handler on Vianet's mail server. Please remove the *.disabled portion of the file name to make it viewable.

Note: Your email account attachment handler can be disabled by logging into mailtools.

Why do I keep receiving messages that are not addressed to me?
The message is addressed to you but not seen in the "To:" or "Cc:" field. The sender has used the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) field instead.
Junkmail Reporting

If you would like to report Junk Mail to vianet, please send it to
When possible, please try to use the "Forward as attachment" function in your mail program to report missed spam or suspicious mail of any kind. Depending on your mail program you usually select one or more messages, then use one of the following methods:

  • Right-click on a selected message in the message list, then click "Forward as attachment"
  • Click on the "Message" or "Actions" ribbon or menu, then click "Forward as -> Attachment" or "Forward as attachment"
  • Hit Ctrl+Alt+F
  • Start a new message, then drag the selected message(s) onto the new message
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